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foto: carlos pessoa rosa


(Pedro Du Bois, em Imagem & Reflexo)


Fechados em paredes

na proteção do medo

da nossa incapacidade


paredes nuas

e descoloridas


paredes decoradas

em cores pintadas


trazemos para dentro

a natureza rabiscada


acreditamos na permanência

e nos dizemos confortáveis

sábios e toleráveis


no que temos

aberto e amplo

o espectro permanece. 


(Pedro Du Bois, in Imagem & Reflexo)

(Marina Du Bois, English version)


Enclosed in walls

in protecting the fear

of our inability


bare and

discolored walls


walls decorated

in painted colors


we bring scribbled

nature inside


we believe in permanency

and we say we are comfortable

wise and bearable


in which we have

open and broad

the spectrum remains.

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(Pedro Du Bois, unpublished)

(Marina Du Bois, English version)


I set the view that we should have

on the papers scattered on the table

seen and quickly stored in readings

which bring forth interpretations and dreams

lead to the magic world of fantasy

and turn the unprecedented into real

task of being happy and chirpy

in spirit in memorabilia

and long conversations through the night

I define the allowed topics

the commas the dots and the lines

where truths and lies rest

and everyone laugh pleased

with the demonstrated life and death

in the various versions used

in the mild autumn’s perfume

I set the arrival time

forced on the allowed seconds.

before the light is turned off

ending the reading cycle.

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